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Ask your server about our fresh catch of the day!

Wild Georgia Shrimp

You will love our locally caught sweet Wild Georgia Shrimp, harvested right off the coast
of Georgia & hand prepared for you to order! Straight off the boat!

Check Out our Sunday Brunch and Bloody Mary Bar!

Alcoholic Drinks

Local Tinis
White Wine
Red Wine
Dessert Wines
Draft List

Subject to change
We strive to support local and regional breweries. Please ask your server for our most recent draft list.
Domestic Bottled Beer

Regional and Local Bottles

$4- $5
Imported/Specialty Bottles

The Steaks: USDA Prime is the top 2-3% of the US beef market and we are proud to serve the best steaks available. Our corn-fed beef comes from the greater Omaha area and has an intense flavor and often exceeds the marbling standards of USDA Prime. Our beef is wet aged on premises in a dedicated cooler for a period of 45-55 days. Please cut into your steak when it arrives to ensure it's the way you like it. The perfect steak is our goal and you are the judge. We serve USDA Prime Ribeyes, Porterhouses, Strips and USDA Choice Tenderloins. All steaks are cut and cooked to order.

The Service: Thank you for choosing The Local on 17! Our goal is to provide you and your family with a fantastic dining experience. At times, the pace may slow during heavy volume and some menu items do take extra time but if you’re in a hurry, just let us know and we will speed it up. If there are any issues, comments or concerns with your food or service please ask for the owner, I’d love to meet you!